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Jul 5, 2012 01:33
My Summer holiday comes.I feel relaxed but a little bored.I don't have any plan for my holiday,even through I have many intrests.
I almost stayed at home all the day,so I haven't yet experienced more things.
I have seen The Avengers last month,I like Loki this character so much as I like the actor Tom Hiddleston.I pulished a micro-blog about Loki&Thor with a picture the day before yesterday what surprised me is the number of forwarding grown to more than 900! It never happened to my personel micro-blog.I felt excited there were many people like me who adored(I have a question that should i use the past tense to the "adore"?) Tom Hiddleston.
And I followed the micro-blog of England News and The Cate of London today.I want to go to Britain to learn design knowledge.I never went to Europe before, I think there is different culture from our East.;)
Back to my life,I am enjoying my Summer holiday now.Tommorow I plan to draw some picture about Loki or Tom for myself,ehehehehehehe...