Manifestations in São Paulo

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Jun 16, 2013 12:06

There are manifestations in several places in Brazil.
In São Paulo, the manifestation was pacific until the police starts to repress the protesters. They threw moral effect's grenades and fired rubber bullets any person who was in front of them. Even journalists, that are there just to work, took shots.

A strange fact that was registered was a journalist being seized because he was porting vinegar ("Vinagre" in portuguese).
The people in internet started to make some jokes with this like "Legalize Vinegar" and "V of Vinegar".
An image that jokes with this:

Brazilian that lives in other coutries are organizing at facebook pacific manifestations around the world to support these manifestation in Brazil.

If you know portuguese, the link below is interesting to have an idea of how was the manifestation and how the police respond it.

Brazilian people consider themselves a people that just complain sitted or in facebook and don't fight for their rights. These manifestations are reversing this and the people now are saying "Brazil has awaken".
I am proud of this!

In the video below you can see the people saying "Sem Violência",that means "Without Violence", to the police, who was shooting against the protesters.

To relax a bit, a fun video of a guy in manifestation.
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