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Jul 13, 2012 12:35
Hello, everyone.
I've blown off writing an entry for several days. It's no good.
Once I put an interregnum, I lose(Can I use "lose" in this way?) idea what to write about...
So, I'd write about my favorite movie :D

The title of it is "Scent Of A Woman", you know?
I have no particular favorite actor except for Al Pacino.
In this movie, he performed as a visually impaired retired military.
I had heard that his strictly performance have been highly admired and when I first watched it, I agreed with that absolutely.

In Al Pacino's movies, there is always his speech scene and I like the speech given in this "Scent Of A Woman" best.
It's hard to imagine this story from its title however, it always gives me warm feelings (I've watched this over and over again).
If you've not watched it ever, let's try it when the occasion arises :D

Here is the trailer.

I hope you correct my sentences and give me an advice to write more naturaly.
Thank you.