Terrible Test

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Jun 29, 2012 20:01
I had a Engineering drawing test this morning.Because i am sleep too late last night so i felt out of power. hunger and tried, i dragged my slim body went to my classroom .

What is wrong with me ? I can not even work out the first question,i believe it was nothing but my brain blocked.Then i gave up it and went on sloving other jobs .However ,it seemed too simple for me .I finished the test within an hour and a half, early than the required time.When out of the classroom ,we discussed the test we had .It was incredible what mistakes i had made.It is all about something wrongs because of carelessness.I am guilty of
not reviewing my book more closely.

I only have another two testes in this semester ."college math"and "college English".The math is the very subject i am worried about.Fortunately,i still can spare two days to review it .Come on !

Believe in yourself.