Past teses verbs: Interrogative verbs

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Aug 2, 2012 14:20
I need to memorize the past tenses. Today I'll write the interrogative phrases.

Simple Past: Did you watch the TV show?
Did she buy some fruit?

Used to: Did he use to drink some milk?
Be used to: Is he use to listening to heavy music?

Past Progressive: Were you keeping your study?
Was she cleaning her house?

Present Perfect Simple: Have I talked to him?
Has he played Football?

Present Perfect Continuous: Have they been painting those houses for one month?
Has Meg been writing letters to John for eight hours?

Past Perfect: Had Lauren arrived when Jhen left to party?
Had you already wrote the letter when he called?

Past Perfect continuous: Had she been walking for one hour?
Had it been snowing for all night?

The past tenses are difficult to memorize, at least for me. I hope they are correct.