My fate (fool)

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Jun 23, 2012 20:08
Today is Saturday, and my weekend. I start my vacation with going to fitness. I play biking class called RPM and I lift up weight for good shape and muscle. After that, I go to Mega Bangna for eating Chinese buffet at Peking cuisine. They have many food to chose like Dim-sum. roast duck (like four season) a lot of fry items, fry rice, and salmon soup. I eat all of its. And then, I am take a window shopping. I meet someone whom I'm never think I will met. She is my favorite girl that I can't dare or dream to move on because she is higher than me. Whatever, I try to push myself forward. I can't compare with her. What should I do? Should I fight in this fight? Or else, I should accept my fate, shouldn't I? :(