Thank you, Lang-8

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Jun 22, 2012 14:24
Today, I'm very happy. Because of I can find the way to improve my English skills for free. Yes, it is Lang-8 of course. Last Saturday, I went to English academic and got their test from them. They give me level 3 (they have 16 level) and they need me to take 5 courses at minimum for practice my skill. One course is 10000 baht approximately. So I have to spend 50000 baht for that. I really shock of that price and refuses to study with that academic. Fortunately, I find Lang-8 from internet and I'm very happy that this website can help my writing skill for free and also give me nice friend from everywhere in the world. I hope, I will get some lesson from every one, Thank a lot especially, Lang-8 :)