random sample sentences - 4 -

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Jul 27, 2012 20:24 Sorry. This is without Japanese.
31. I’ve been relieved. = It is a relief. = It is a relief remedy for me.
32. He has a pride that is why he hates to be embarrassed.
33. Whenever she felt lonely she went out for shopping and bought unnecessary things
34. He got an alert due to his breaking a curfew.
35. A bell alerted me the fire.

36. The conflict of the right wing and the left wing recurred.
37. Dr. diagnosed her illness to be just a cold.
38. Mix the equal amount of sugar and flour in a bowl.

39. Can I speak with you? / Can I talk with you?
40. My batch and I often used to go the lakeside and play together.

36. recur = happen again eg: a recurring illness/problem/nightmare, etc.

39. speak[formal,more polite than “talk”] / talk[informal]

(40. 仲間たちと私はしばしば湖の側へ行き一緒に遊んだものだった。)

40. used to [modal verb]/ˈyustə /
; finally and often
used to say that something happened continuously or frequently during a period in the past
・I used to live in London.
・We used to go sailing on the sea in the summer.
・I didn't use to like him much when we were in school.
・You used to see a lot of her, didn't you?
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