What do you thing about a suicide?

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Nov 9, 2016 01:11
What do you thing about a suicide?

A suicide is not rare affairs in Japan.
Of course I am not exception about that.
I lost many friends and family.

It is often exposure that the only good respects in Japan with the mass for foreign country.
I think it is not wrong, but it is not the truth.
We have a lot of society problems.

I guess a reason why are many people killed themselves.
I frequently see many Japanese impose a social norm on others, one of a totalitarianism.
It has two sides between good and bad.

It is a good side that we can get a comfortable and secure life.
If everyone progress one direction,it is very easier to manage to resolving social problems.

But it has a bad side.
If you are not standard,people spoil, criticize and accuse you.

Is it good?
I don't believe that.