No sex. No drugs. Rock-n-roll, please.

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Jun 14, 2012 15:55 kiddie
Hey, my little Diary, that's Alex again.
And I think about relationship, cuddling and flirting.

The thing is I can live without relationship.
Without cuddling.
Even without sex.
But no flirting is a catastrophe.

And I see this is pretty rare situation. Am I write?..

For example, my close friend says that she simply _needs_ someone - or better say needs THE ONE - to be with. The life's already seemed better for her when she's in love, when she hugs, when she kisses. And she can't understand me who always only flirts and avoids the close contact. Don't need touching at all lalalah.

But as for me flirting and smiling and all this funny and brightly things between people are so amazing that I wouldn't ever trade it for smth else. Because I don't get so much energy from hugging as from flirtation with some unfamiliar but nice people:-)

I've got a BF, yep. And he's a nice person (and by the way he LOVES cuddling, touching, etc.), but I still need lots of acquaintances to flirt.

Friends said that I'm like Female-Don-Juan. I say I'm just friendly and playful. And maybe a bit of childish..:))
Друзья, я еще не вполне освоилась с этими опциями, поэтому буду благодарна за подсказки. Например, что должно быть в этом поле? Тот же текст, что расположен выше, но на родном языке?:)