I need your help.

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Apr 30, 2009 23:35
It's my script for speech in my English class.
Some sentences are copied google but most of them are written by me.
I want you to correct my mistake

Q) What are you going to tell us?
Someday, most of you will go traveling to Europe.

I have been to there last summer.

I'm going to give you information about how to use transportation, especially about Eurailpass.

Oh, what information would you like to give us?
It's most convenient to take an airplane when you move from a country to another.

But it is quite troublesome because it is too expensive backpackers to use and an airport is so far away from the city.

So people prefer a train to an airplane.

It's so efficient due to cheap price and station's location.

There definitely are a lot of options out there these days when it comes to traveling around Europe by rail.

If you're planning to go trip to Europe, you should consider 'Eurailpass'. Because it reduces your cost a lot.

A 'Eurailpass' is a ticket which allows railway travel and some shipping travel.

With a Eurail Pass, you can travel on trains throughout more than 20 European countries.

There are many kinds of Eurailpass.

You can choose a kind of Eurailpass according to your number of countries and your number of travel days.

Q) Can you explain kinds of Eurailpass?
All right. First of all, the most extensive pass is the Eurail Globalpass for backpackers.

It permits ticketholders to travel in more than 20 European countries for 15 days during a three-month period.

But remember you can't use it in some countries.

For example, you can't use 'Eurostar' to go to England with your Eurailplass, you have to buy a additional ticket.

How many cities you visit in day is up to you.

The Eurail Flexipass is similar to the standard pass.

You can choose either 10 or 15 days of train travel, but is valid for only two months.

The days are not consecutive so you have the flexibility to use them on whatever days you like within the specified period.

The Eurail Selectpass is valid for two months, and you can choose five, six, eight, ten or 15 days of travel days.

Regional and National passes are also available.

The Regionalpass offers 16 different country combinations, and offers four to ten days of travel time that can be used within a two-month period.

The Nationalpass has the same travel options as the Regional pass, but as the name implies, the national pass is valid in only one country.

I bought the 15days Eurail Globalpass. So I enjoyed my trip to the full with various transportation for 15 days.

You can use not only train but also many other transportations like metro, ferry, bus and so on.

So you'd better search various benefits of Eurailpass.

Q) How do I choose the right railroad?
If you purchase a Eurail pass, the Eurail timetable and Travel Guide are included as a part of the offer.

You can check your departure, destination and time on the timetable.

But remember, the itinerary list on the timetable is just a highlight of all the trains and routes that your Eurail pass covers.

If it doesn't reveal your destination, you should transfer to another train.

You can find a place to transfer is on the map.

The train stations in Europe do keep an updated Eurail schedule posted on their walls.

Q) Can you give us some tips for Eurailpass?
Be aware that even though you have a Eurail pass, some trains require a reservation.

Reservations can be made locally prior to your departure.

You’ll also need to note that the number of seats accessible to pass holders is often restricted, so make sure you secure your reservation as far in advance as you can, especially in the summer during peak times or on popular routes.

And you must reserve sleeping-car, "couchettes" which you can get on during long jorney.

Because of it's high public interest during a high-demanded season, you may not get on it without reservation.

I spent a more day in Switzerland by reason that I had not reserved it in advance.

Eurail Pass is issued by travel agency in Korea or you can buy it on the site www.eurail.com in person with €5 commission.

You must watch out for losing it because it can't be reissued.

Thank for listening to my speech. If you need more information about transportation or more in Europe, come to me. I hope you have a good journey:)