Two things I learned through using Lang-8

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Jun 19, 2012 23:34 Learning English Lang-8
If you know a people who are learning foreign language, you must recommend him/her using lang-8. The reason is as follows.

First, we can learn that mistake is not a shame.
If you start to correcting articles which are written with your mother tongue, you will have to correct many sentences since there are many mistakes.

So, you can find it natural that we must mistake if we try to write with foreign language. Some people - especially including many Japanese - are afraid of mistake since they are afraid of embarrassing themselves. But, It is irrational fear. Making mistake is never a shame. You can learn it through correcting other articles.

Secondly, nevertheless there are many mistakes, we can write good aricles and have fun.
I have corrected articles written with Japanese by foreigner. These articles contained many mistakes like misspelling, using wrong Kanji, and so on. However, I have been impressed at their idea and have had fun of event they had attended. So I think that if we have a passion, we can impress others even though we have to use broken foreign language.
(of course it doesn't mean that Grammmer is not important.)

Lang-8 is a kind of 'Social Networking Service'. It means that one of aim of using lang-8 is connecting fopreigners. Let's write many article and connect various foreigners!


外国語を学習する人々の中には - 特に日本人に多いけど - 間違えて恥を書くことを恐れる人がいる。しかし、それは非合理的に考え方だ。間違えることは決して恥ずかしいことではない。他の人の記事を添削することで、その事がわかる。



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