a keyboard about Cantonese

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Jun 15, 2012 10:53
The question was born when I looked at the keyboard used now.
I usually type Japanese when I use personal computer.but this is able to do,just by there being a Roman alphabet and Hiragana.A language without a Roman alphabet or a Hiragana…for example,I thought how it would have type in that case with Cantonese language.
And so,I did study about it.The result,there are a several means.
The first is a method of pinyin.
The second is a method of typing from a redical.
the sard is a method of typing from the Chinese character of origin used as a base.

It seems to be very troublesome….

私はパソコンを使うときいつも日本語をタイピングしています。ですがこれはローマ字やひらがな があってこそできることです。ローマ字やひらがなのない言語…例えば広東語とかの場合どうやって打っているんだろうと…