Living in Singapore

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Jan 15, 2013 22:08
I started to live in Singapore from last month, about 3 weeks are past now.
Experience of living in a foreign country is the first time for me, but I manage to live here.
There are some reasons that make it possible, good public safety, good foods and good people and so on.
However, only one problem is about friends.
I don't have friend here. :) Of course, I have coworker, but just only one guy, besides he has his family, so he can't hang out with me.
When I lived in Japan , I often hang out with my friends on weekends, but here I don't have that kind of friends. So, I'm working on weekends at home to kill the time.
I guess it's good for me, because I came here to work.
But I'll try to make friends!

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