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I want to become fluent in Spanish and Japanese. Spanish, because that's been a goal since I was very little. Japanese, because I am very involved in a martial art by the name of Kendo, which is Japanese sword fighting. Knowing Japanese would really expand my realm of understanding in the circles of Kendo people.

I can understand most of what I read/ hear in Spanish, but actually constructing my own sentences is what I struggle with. I'm much better at Spanish than I am at Japanese, because I've been studying it longer. I'm just finishing up level 3 of Rosetta Stone Spanish.

I completely suck in Japanese. I haven't even studied any Kanji yet- only Hiragana and Katakana. And verb tenses. Ugh. Anyway, I know hardly any Japanese. Watashi wa baka desu. Gomennasai. I'm taking a college class to learn Japanese this fall, and I'm really trying to prepare for it.

Any critiques you can give me are very much appreciated, and I will return the favor! Thanks!