If you have a tresure..

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Jul 1, 2012 00:56
I didn't know how expressed "A". 
"A" is possible man or woman in my this journal story.
I thought "A" could be written "someone", but someone was so long. 

Now, It's starting my today journal. 

___ I think if A is your awesome person, you have to be together with A when A needs you. Of course, you can be together every time. But is it most meaningful? You are by A side when A needs you. Certainly, each day of your live is very important. You might be really busy and have stacks of work to do. But the time at the moment is tough moment for A. Your life is not so short as the moment is sorry. If someone is a real treasure to you, you don't want anything and it's expressing your love and interest by small actions than countless words. 
___Today I was coming in seoul from Busan to meet my a awesome friend of mine. It takes me six hours. (This time is from my home located in Busan to my home located in Seoul.) I just want only one to them. Don't forget me, and looking for me when they have a trouble. It's full enough to me. 

P.S. Thank you for reading this journal. If you have advice on English, please let me know. And I always appreciate the help of natives.
Have a nice night!!