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My languages: Chinese(Native) , Japanese(Semi-Native), Cantonese(Semi-Native), English(C2), Tagalog(C2) and German(C1).
Learning: Taiwanese(B2), Korean(A2), Spanish(B1), Italian(A2), Swedish(A1), French (A1). Thai (A1).
Please help me .


My name is Wang Yang. I come from China. Now I am living in Japan. Learning Languages is my hobby. My goal for 2015 , is to master Korean.

Mein Name ist Wang Yang. Ich komme aus China. Aber jetzt wohne ich in Japan. Ich lerne die Sprachen der Welt sehr gern. Inzwischen eigne ich mir auch Koreanisch an. Mein Ziel ist es, 2015 Koreanisch fließend sprechen zu können.

我叫汪洋。我来自中国。不过我现在住在日本。我很喜欢学习语言。我现在正在学习韩语。我的目标是2015年可以说一口流利的韩语。(Mandarin Chinese)



Ang pangalan ko ay Wang Yang. taga-China ako. Pero nakatira ako sa Japan. Gusto kong mag-aral ng ibat-ibang linggwahe. Ngayon , nag-aaral ako ng Koryano. Ang goal ko sa 2015 ay ang matuto ako ng Koryano . (Tagalog )


Do you have any new year's resolutions?
My new year resolution is to master Korean language within 2015.
Why Korean?
I can give you a thousand reasons why you must learn Korean.

- There are tons of movies and musics in youtube , spoken in Korean.
- The Korean food are very delicious
- Korean language is very unique.
- They have a very unique writing system , Hangol.
- If you speak Japanese, you definitely should learn Korean. They have similar structure and grammar.

So in 2015, No matter what happen , I will definitely master Korean.

My plan is like this :

・get teachers online, native teachers.
・watch tons of youtube videos
・talk with native speakers often.
・learn the Grammars
・enrich vocabulary
・ask for help form Lang-8

next new year (2016) , I will write my new plan in Korean language.

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