Nine Korean Climbers Missing at Chuo Alps

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Jul 30, 2013 00:38
Since afternoon on 29th, nobody can reach with nine of twenty Korean climbers who climbed Mt Hinokio (2727m) in the center Japanese Alps, Komagane, Nagano pref, police say. The police is going to find them from morning on 30th in case they distress.

According to police, they are organized by 14 males and 6 females whose ages are from 48 to 78. They are not accompanied by guide and seem not to go together. They entered mountains from Komagane on 28th, walked through Mt Utsugi and visit at Kisotonoyama for the night. They left there at 6 am on 29th and planed to walk from Mt Yario to Mt Hoken and to reach at Hoken lodge.

At around 1:15 pm, a Japanese climber unconcerned from them reported to police 'there is someone who cannot move by himself/herself at around Mt Yario'. The person was turned out as one of this tour's members. Two members left from mountains say 'four are left in emergency lodge' but nobody can reach with them.

According to Hoken lodge, three men and four women wearing rain cloak reached there at around 1 pm. At around 5pm, one woman reached there accompanied with Hoken lodge's rescue man. All of them are well and can take a meal. It rained and blew strongly at around Hoken lodge.
<中央アルプス>韓国人登山ツアー遭難か 9人と連絡取れず

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