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Jun 11, 2012 19:42 rebel-princess made 8 corrections for Shoking
Who did you go to see? :) It is sad that you didn't get to see them! Maybe next time you might be able to.
Jun 6, 2012 18:55 commented on AKB48
Jun 6, 2012 18:42 DavidBurbridge made 4 corrections for AKB48
I do know AKB48! I live in Japan, so I hear about them every day. I'm not a fan though. It's interesting though, Japanese kids a...
Jun 6, 2012 00:23 Steph made 5 corrections for An extracurricular class
studying in school for me is optional.(we have a study hall you can take instead of a class, in study hall you can either study or do yo...
Jun 4, 2012 13:56 ポプカ made 5 corrections for Swallow
Your English is very good for someone so young. Well done. (^.^)v
Jun 3, 2012 09:43 billa commented on glee
そうで?オーストらリアも。でも、わたしはglee がすきじゃないです。わたしはcastleだいすきですよ!^_^
Jun 3, 2012 09:40 billa made 4 corrections for glee
そうで?オすトラリアも。でも、わたしはglee がすきじゃないです。わたしはcastleだいすきですじよ!^_^
Jun 2, 2012 13:56 Steph commented on I work up at noon
it's brunch-> breakfast and lunch