A letter to my friend (In Chinese)

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Jul 16, 2012 00:24
我们在美国的时候让我非常开心。 我很想你! 我真的希望我们在中国还是美国会在见面! 我想你应该好好学习所以你会回美国! 加油! 在美国我们一起有很多玩。我希望我们会再有很多玩! 你是我的超级粉丝! 不要算了!!!我好喜欢我们的说话的时候。 你让我笑。现在你在中国,我很想你。 所以块块回美国(和波士顿!)我希望你会找一个很好的男朋友!我爱你!我希望你天天快乐!!!

I know this is very bad...haha.. I wrote it a long time ago and forgot to fix it and now I think my Chinese is getting worse and worse...so please help me to edit it! It is to my friend who studied at my university last year as an exchange student. I appreciate any help!
Our time in America made me very happy. I miss you! I really wish that we will meet again in China or America! I think that you should study hard so that you can come back to America! Good luck! In America we had a lot of fun. I hope that we can have a lot of fun again! You are my super fan! Do not forget!!! I really like when we talk..you make me laugh! Now you are in China, I miss you! So quickly return to America (and Boston!) I wish you will find a good boyfriend! I love you! I hope you are happy everyday!

That is essentially what I am trying to say ... I know my Chinese is getting worse and worse... T_T
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