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Hello! My nickname is Apollo, but my real name is Gabrielle. I was born in New Jersey, USA, so English is my native language, but I mostly prefer the British style of spelling.

I think on this website I would mostly prefer to help others learn (by correcting entries), rather than submitting entries myself. I'm kind of shy about that sort of thing, but I hope at some point I can give it a try! :]

I'm learning Latin in school and I think it is a really cool language. German is a language I'd like to learn on my own, kind of just for fun! I also know some Japanese katakana, but I don't think I could learn the whole language. I find linguistics to be very interesting.

Other things I like are music (especially vinyl records!), reading (I like Sylvia Plath and Ray Bradbury), and drawing.

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Die Familie

Hallo, ich lerne Deutsch. Heute, ich begann lernen. Ich auflistung die mein Familie. Ich habe die Mutter und den Vater. Ich habe die Sc...
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May 28, 2012 12:15
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