Korea Economy

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May 10, 2013 11:08

I have to give a presentation regarding korea economy.

So I wrote entry eabout korea economy.

Please correct grammar! :))

Conglomerates have a big influence on market in korea.

Small company and businessman who have a lack of marketing information can’t compete with conglomerates fairly.

Some people insist that we should democratize the economy without chaebol reform these days.

However, We think that it is impossible to democratize the economy without chaebol reform.

Let me give you a example about SSM.

Super Supermarket such as E-Mart, lotte mart has pushed small stores out of business.

So, Alley business district has gradually failed.

Traditional market has contracted by entrying Super supermarket(SSM).

After regulations that require the super supermarkets(SSM) to close their doors two Sundays per month carried out, average profit on sales of Traditional market increased to 7.3% and average customer increased to 6.9%.

As you can see, regulating super supermarkets has an effect on rebounding the traditional market.

Even though the super supermarkets closed their door two Sundays per month, it has a pretty big impact on traditional market.

Regulating super supermarkets is good example to make fair competition.