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Jul 29, 2012 00:16 Olympics English
I watched the Olympics opening ceremony yesterday evening. Not all of it, but quite a bit part of it. I tuned in around the part where David Beckham came on with his very "charming" smile on his boat.
Also watched the part where are the countries and their athletes walked in. Most of the outfits looked amazing, but ofcourse the Dutch team had to wear orange. Maybe it was just me but i think we did an amazing job at looking horrible.

There was an African country though, i dont remember which on but they looked absolutely amazing. I love the bright colors, the patterns and the traditional hats the women wear.

Im looking forward to watching archery and boxing. Wish i could do them both myself..

Other than that i'll just watch the highlights and all the Dutch matches ofcourse.
You do need to know a bit about the Olympics or how your country did, right?

Thanks for correcting and reading in advance <3