The Peaceful World. ^-^

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Jun 2, 2012 21:42
A short time ago, I saw the article on the Internet about a little gril who was raped by an old man. The incident was two years back. That was so brutal, creepy and horrible. At that time she was only eight years old (in korean age-9).
The old man was arrested on a rape and he has been in the prison for two years.

Unbelievably, his prison term is only twelve years that is really crazy and dafinitely wrong. The time is only ten years that his prison term.(ten years left befor days of his prison term?) Accoding to article, she is still uneasiness because for fear of reprisal. She said that "Why should I study? What if he hurt me when I become a great person?" After reading, I was so moved and angry.
After the final judgment, the citizens felt indignation of an unjust judgment and the public was calling for sex offenders to be more severely punished. Since than the laws have more tightened up, but I think,It is still too loose(week?). The sex offenders are very, very bad so they need more strong funished.

Although I don't any power or knowledge now, I hope the world will be a peaceful place and I want to be to help make the world a better place.ㅜㅜ