Hi~ nice to see you again. 이것좀 봐주세요^^

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May 25, 2012 22:31
A few weeks ago, I went to the theater
to see the movie called 'Titanic'.
This time the movie opened new 3D version at the theater.

Actually, Long time ago, I have seen the moive.
'Titanic' is one of my favorite movies,
So I really wanted to see the movie again.
I wanted to feel a moving through the movie.

It was awesome. I was very very moved by their story. Jack and Rose.
Especially, the acting of Leonardo Dicaprio was excellent.
He looks very attractive in his movies.
Anyway, The story was so sad that I cried all through the movie.
Every time watch it, it makes me think about
the meaning of "LOVE". it is a real tearjerker.