Hi~ great to be here. Could you please teach me.!^^

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May 24, 2012 00:50
These days, I Watch TV show of America that 'Desperate
Housewives', and 'Morden familly'. because It will
great help to me that I study English. Actually, I don't
understand without dialog of korean .

I want to be good in English.
What should I do for my English.

I'm trying hard to study my English. I watch TV show or
moive, and read the books, and listen to English
conversation in my loptop every days.
However There're a lot of words still that I don't know.

It's hard for me to express what I want to say.
because Some experssion have no satisfactory Korean equivalent.
difference of thinking, different of word order...

but I'll try to do my best from now on.
So that, to improve my English I decied to keep a diary in English.
I wish I could talking to native speakers with smile.

Please let me know, where is the wrong?

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