Japanese famous folktale "Kasajizo" (Long sentence)

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May 23, 2012 14:53
There was very kind, poor and old couple. They were poor, so they had no money to buy some foods in the end of the year. So the old man went to the town to sell some straw hat made by him.

But they weren't sold.He gave up selling them, and went home. On his way home, He found 7 stone statues called Jizo. It was heavy snow outside. He thought that they looked very cold, so he put 5 unsold straw hats on to them. And he put a hat which he was wearing on and his towel to remained 2 statues. So he went home having nothing. But the old woman didn’t blame his action, and conversely praised him.

At that night, they heard the sound in the entrance when they slept. They opened the door, and they found a lot of foods, gold, and treasure. Then they found 6 statues wearing straw hats and a statue wearing a towel walking far.
They Thank for them, and they greet a good new year.