Uncle Hanzi Richard Sears (2)

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Aug 14, 2012 23:41
Uncle Hanzi wiped out all his twenty years of savings(花光二十年的积蓄) to perfect his website. In twenty years, he has divorced, lost his job, lived alone, even spent all his savings in last month(上个月,已经花光了他所以的积蓄). Now, his tourist visa has expired, he was forced to go back to America. But all of this can not change his enthusiasm about Chinese characters.
A Chinese friend of his once told him "Today, traditional characters have long fallen out of Chinese. Your 'Chineseetymology' website could not earn money." Time and again Uncle Hanzi found that earning money seemed the important thing to Chinese people. He haven't understood and felt sorry about that even have been going a decade later(对于这点,即使十年过去了,汉字叔叔还是不能理解,充满了遗憾). He said "Chinese people always are busy with making money, there are so many thing more important than it."


To be continued……