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Aug 4, 2012 19:11
Anki is a very good software to help pepple remember some knowledge that interests you. I use it to remember English words recently. The past two months, I have recited about nine hundred words, but my memory is so bad, I usually forgot a lot of new words in one or two days. So I use Anki to help me review them, one hundred per day. Without two days, it has become must review two or three hundreds words per day. It cost me about four to six hours to finished it. From morning to evening, from office to home. Although it's hard and a little boring, when you discover you have remembered all your difficult words, all your hard work became worth!

I recommend Anki, it make your study become more efficient. A lot of people on Lang-8 have used and recommended it. I don't know how to explain its function in English, if you are interesting in it. I know a Chinese explanation, maybe could help you.