You've been Brandished

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Oct 19, 2015 00:40 English Japanese 英語 日本語
I sometimes see hypocrites on SNS or Facebook.
They share opinions or comments that sound righteous and feasible.
Honestly speaking, most of them are brandished.

There are scum that easily tell a lie to obtain money without remorse in the world.
They say sweet poison that lures some people who has a cheap sense of justice.
The poison looks yummy and comfortable, and enforces your existence.
Yes, it softly engulfs you in a blissful self-content.

Yet, you are brandished.
Have you considered about it seriously?
Have you done a search about it even once?
Do you care about people surrounding it truly?

I hate to write down political things, but it's easier to understand, so I'll take examples.

A certain insane country demands Japan to an apology and compensation for carting off comfortable women.
However, it is a like because there is evidence that says it's not truth.
I won't mention the evidence because I don't want to discussion a political thing, but if you're interested, please watch this video.

Recently, there are people who deny democracy, and they give a demonstration.
(I guess, the main reason why they give a demonstration is that they don't have a Japanese right to vote. I mean, they're from certain countries.)

Their opinion is that Japan must not have the right of collective self-defense.
If Japan has the right, Japan is involved a war and must induct Japanese people.
They say, Japan must choose the right of individual self-defense.

What do you think about it?
In my opinion, they tell a lie.
The reason is below:

1) The right of collective self-defence is to protect to make a war.
Imagine, which one is easier to invade, "I fight you by my self!" or "I fight you with other nations!".

2) Most of the advanced countries adopt the right of collective self-defence.
I found only two countries adopt the right of individual self-defence, Swiss and North Korea.
Both of them adopt a conscription system.
I think choosing the right of individual self-defense means inducting Japanese people.

I guess, they tell a lie to easily invade Japan.
They're dogs of certain countries.

However, there are some people that share their opinions with a sense of righteous.
It's because they say Japan must not make a war and induct, which sounds righteous, but once you check it out, you'll find out they're liers.
I think they believe in them without thinking.

Then, why do they support liers' opinions without considering?
In my guess, they don't think about it seriously because they dont' care about the issue seriously, don't have a respect old people who died to protect this country, don't have a resolution to take a responsibility, and don't consider the children in the future: what for you to rest to future children.

I won't blame them, but I have to say they became hypocrites in the end.
If you intend to live in a blissful lie as a hypocrite and take advantage of other countries to devour interest like a parasite, and abandon the counry that you exploited like a locust, I won't say anything more.
However, if you're not, please consider it seriously before saying or sharing something.

You have my thanks for reading.