What Is the Meaning of 'O'?

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Jul 10, 2016 03:45 English Japanese question 英語 日本語 質問
Allow me to introduce myself, your highness.
My name..is Akira.
I am currently overflowing joy...because I've met all of you, the supreme beings.
There is a question today, so I humbly ask you.

What Is the Meaning of 'O'?
I don't know very well the meaning of 'O'.

Here is the one;

Another example is this one;
"I bow before you, o supreme one."

What is O?
Alas, it makes me fall in despair of the English.
All I can do is beg those who have greater knowledge.
Yes, it is you.
Please show your mercy to this little wandering lamb.

You have my thanks for reading.
May the Eternal Youth be with you.