5/22 rainy maybe

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May 22, 2012 09:48
It is the second day after my joining into Lang-8, such a warm familiy. I like here, because I can use English freely and there is always a warm-hearted gentleman/lady who can help me correct my articles.
I am a petroleum engineer in China currently, but it may be not sure for me to be an engineer in the future, coz that engineer need a lot of mathmatic knowledge, while my math is just a disaster which ruin my college. So I am learning English and wish that one day I can go abroad and find another job such as a trader or else, but not engineer angain.
Huh, the fact now is that I am still an engineer, and have to make a living on it. But when it come to the future, who can ensure what I will be?
Please allow me to say, good luck for every one who have dreams!