American Sitcom, Friends

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May 22, 2012 14:11
I am watching the American Sitcom, Friends. This program was made about ten years ago. but I think this is still fun and very good to study English. As you know, there are six main characters. Three men and three women. Ross has a crush on Rachel. but I think he has some difficulty to comfess his love to Rachel. Monica is a cook, she usually works in a restaurant. and Joey is an actor. but he is not first rate actor yet. but he has a dream that some day he would be a famous actor like Al Pacino. Phoebe is good at singing a song. she even makes a song by herself. I think Phoebe's songs are pretty fun and interesting. Ah, I almost forgot about Chandler. Chandler is working in the office. I guess his work is related with calulating or some number things. I think this program is very interesing and fun as well as good for learning English. Thank you for reading.
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