Zabuton Ichi-Mai !

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May 29, 2012 10:42
When someone say something interesting, some Japanese praise it by saying "Zabuton ichi-mai ! " in Japanese.
It means "Give him one sheet of zabuton."
Zabuton is a kind of Japanese traditional cushion used when we sit on tatami or floor directly.
"Ichi-mai" means 1 sheet.

This phrase was born at a long-lived TV program, "Sho-ten."
"Rakugo-ka", traditional comic story tellers, compete jokes at the program.
When a rakugo-ka say a good joke, a emcee give him a sheet of zabuton by saying "To Mr.X, zabuton ichi-mai ! "
A rakugo-ka having got 10 sheets of zabuton will got some prize.

The program is so long lived that both the young and the old can see the phrase.