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May 22, 2012 14:24
I have a lot of friends who really love Korean drama

Today my friend asked me "Can Korean woman married with a lot of men at the same time?"

I heard some traditional area in India and Eskimo have that custom, Mother-centered society.

But in my country? no way! so I really wonder why she ask this question.

then she answered the man in drama always said "OUR WIFE".

It is kind of funny.When my father brag my mother's cook,he always use "Our wife"

It sounds like sharing wife with another!

We do use "we,us,our" really a lot! Our school, Our mother (even he don't have any brother and sister), Our country!

Pure blood ethnic group, North Korea, brainwashing, a lot of reason struck my head.

I experienced really valuable thing. Interacting with different country people can change my typical and conventional idea.