Etrian Odyssey IV(世界樹の迷宮IV)

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Jul 5, 2012 07:08
Yesterday, I received an e-mail from the It explained the "Etrian Odyssey IV" shipped.

Of course the "Etrian Odyssey" series are famous for its very strong feeling of playing a game and I'm pleased that. In addition, I respect a music composer of that series. His name is Yuzo Koshiro.

His representative work, "YsI", "YsII", "Sorcerian", "ActRaiser", are especially famous. He's still composed a lot of video game musics for about 25(!) years. He's a great musical talent, what's more, he's very handsome(...a little stout recently).

To be continued...perhaps.

(It took me 30 minutes to write this journal.)