It's not easy for a girl to look for a job

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May 16, 2012 18:04
I'm a student in a univercity.The profession that I am learning is Civil engineering.A helpless reality,there is no building asking a girl to build it.So,when I graduate,I will be faced with a big challenge to find a job to support myself.
Maybe,you can say,why did you choice this profession which is very hard and boring for a female? for personal Interest? No!High candidates in China cannot know much about the profession .We have two choice in the high school:文科 and 理科。文科 means learning Political ,geography and history;理科 means learning Math,physical,chemical and biology.I chosed the 理科。I Through the examination and enter the univercity .But until i started my colleage life ,i just find ,what I learning is difficult and not suitable.Now ,i am grade three.only i can do is to wait for a company which need a Civilian worker choosing me.
Many other science learning female students have the same trouble.male have more abundant energy,and fewer troublesome.So they are always welcomed in the workplace.It's really hard for we female students to find a job~