A text in past. Titanic

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May 22, 2012 01:16
Today, it´s time to practice the past tenses. Then I have decided to talk about Titanic, a historical event more talked in the actuallity for your 100 aniversary.

People knows the history of Titanic normally for the movie that James Cameron done. The movie relates very well how it was the fact, but it have some errors such as the people aren't can so time in the cold water.

The oficial version of the history was Titanic crased with a iceberg, but a new informations says it has found holes in the ship to come of inside of Titanic. A teory that I have heard says The Titanic was transporting England gold to USA, so England could buy arms to the world War. Germany could have discovered the business and they decided to sink the ship.

It's interesting really?