Tonight I am Drunk!

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May 21, 2012 00:12
I went out eating with my best friends tonight
This is the last time for us to be together bacause we are all leaving the school.
We decided to get good and drunk so I bought two bottles of strong white wine and 6 bottles of beer !
There are only 3 boys and 3 girls , yet two of the girls and also another boy only had a little bit .
So the other three of us had to drink more.
I cannot believe myself, I had half bottle of white wine and 3 bottles of beer .
After 3 hours of eating and drinking ,all of them are very drunk except me!
lol lol!!

Hey guys , I am not lying ,its true ,right now I feel a little bit dizzy but I am still fine!
In China ,girls shouldn't drink too much! But I decide to take this challenge!
Do you guys like girls who can drink so much wine?
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