Something about my foreign friend

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May 15, 2012 11:33
This morning i went out with my roommate to play badminton ,on the way back i met one of my foreign friend. He is a painter and a very nice guy .He told he would come back to China again next year.

We embraced to say hello . Even though in China we don't often hug when saying hi,
i feel comfortable embracing my foreign friends. That makes us more close i think.
He comes from europe a small country i forgot the name. We hanged out for three times , but I found we are too different and we don't have much in commom to talk about. So i haven't contacted him for a long time.

Sometimes i wonder why can't I have a sincere and standing friendship with them?
I used to have many foreign friends , coming from America, Canada,Thailand,Africa,Korea, but now i lost touch with all of them.
That too bad because i want to know them better and be real friends with them ,not just making friends with them out of curiosity.

I hope i will met someone who has the same attitude as me and i hope i will have more foeeign friends.