Culture of my hometown.

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Jun 3, 2012 00:01
I was born in Okinawa prefecture which is the most southern island in Japan.
I have come to Tokyo since when I'm 18. I didn't know our culture in Okinawa.

That is called 'MOAI:モアイ' in japanese.

When we start working and earn money, モアイ also start.
If I have 10 close friends, first man got money which is decided amounts,
from other 9 people on this month.

Next month, second man have a right to get money from other friends.
Like this, this turn go around.

This system is supported by Okinawa's character of the people.
If we start this system on Tokyo, we have possibility to miss people with money.

However, the true purpose of gathering is to drink with close friends.

I also want to join this モアイ with my friends.
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