My view on the College Entrance Examination

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Feb 8, 2013 18:05
Year in and year out millions of students in China undergo a fierce competition on the national college entrance examination. Most students have no alternative but to reluctantly take the examination. However, from my point of view, I don’t think a single examination is the best way to judge a teenager. My reasons are as follows.

First of all, every day, we can always see thousands of students hurrying to school or supplementary classes loaded down with heavy backpacks. This heavy load of homework, not only breaks backs, but also leads to a series of bad consequences. For instance, students routinely become dull and irritable because of a lack of sleep. Some students experience dark, horrible nightmares every night. Some of us lose heart completely in our studies and turn to computer games instead. As we approach the so-called College Entrance Examination, it is a well-known truth that students are all under great pressure. These are the universal phenomena surrounding us.

Secondly, in a sense, the College Entrance Examination is an invisible killer. It pushes us so hard that we have less time to find and then enjoy hobbies. Besides, it also destroys a teenagers’ bloom time. In a world without this test students could think more about our natures, learn more cultural etiquette, experience foreign and domestic cultures, and test our interpersonal skills-- among other things. Whether we are sixteen or sixty, we all have the obligation to make our life meaningful.

Furthermore, for the sake of the examination, students’ creativity and physical abilities are gradually becoming worse and worse. There’s less and less time for extracurricular activities. I think I speak for most teenagers when I say we are eager to have more time for sports. In this aspect, I think that some foreign schools have really done a better job.

We cannot ignore the fact that these are serious problems that must be solved. To solve them, I have some suggestions.

Number One: mandate more sports and require schools to follow the new rules. We need sports in order to strengthen our bodies and refresh our minds.

Number Two: Assign less homework, especially over the weekend to guarantee that we can get adequate sleep.

Number Three: Reduce the importance of the College Entrance Examination and figure out other methods to select talented persons.

Finally: Organize some wilderness expeditions or something like field survival to enhance students’ survival ability.

The current exam system is far from satisfactory. In my humble opinion, the College Entrance Examination which causes a lot of problems should first be weakened then cancelled. In this way, both society and students can benefit.