In Seattle

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Jun 11, 2012 10:28
I've been in Seattle for 3 days.
So far, I had a lot of fun time here.
First day, I visited the first STARBUCKS store, where I ever had wanted to go.
I bought a tumbler with original STARBUCKS logo for me.
Yesterday, I rented a car and went to Mt. Rainier by myself.
This mountain became famous as a coffee merchandise named Mt. Rainier by MORINAGA MILK.
Today, finally I watched Major League Baseball for the first time, and saw ICHIRO live.(and Iwakuma)
Mariners lost the game with LA Dodgers by 2-8, and Ichiro made no hits, but I was satisfied by my first experience.
I'm loving Seattle but I have to leave tomorrow for my next destination, YellowStone National Park.
I'm going to miss Seattle.
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