Finally, I had got to YOSEMITE!!

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Jun 6, 2012 00:00
3 days ago, I left San francisco for Yosemite national park.
I took a midnight greyhound bus.
I was sleeping deeply, and when I waked up, we were at the somewhere bus station.
Then I asked the other passenger "this is Merced?"
Merced is nearest city to Yosemite, where I was supposed to get off.
He answered "this is Modesto."
Because of my disability of listening in English, I mistook "Modesto" for "Merced".
I got off in a rash moment.
Modesto is a 40 mile western city from Merced.Actually, I didn't know there is a city like that around Merced.
I waited for next bus at Modesto for 5 hours.
At that time, I could take the last Yarts bus, which takes me to Yosemite from Merced.
The bus I took at Modesto, however, was behind a schedule.
When I arrived at Merced, the bus I was supposed to take had left just that time.
If the bus had arrived five minutes earlier, I'd not have miss that.
So I slept at the bus station that night.
And yesterday, I took the earliest Yarts bus in the morning.
Finally, I had got to Yosemite.
I had never seen nature like that.
I'm in Reno now.
The next destination is Seattle via Salt lake city and Portland.
(The picture is a cup of coffee in Yosemite national park.)