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May 30, 2012 18:25
学习四个月之后,这个夏天我要改进我的普通话。我部分使用Yoyo Chinese。最近她帮我一个句子:"I haven't spoken Chinese for two years" > 我两年没说中文了。可是“I haven't eaten since breakfast"用中文怎么说?“我早饭没吃了”听起来不好。

So this summer I'm trying to improve my Mandarin after four months of university studies. I'm partly using Yoyo Chinese for this and in a recent tip she helped out with a sentence like: "I haven't spoken Chinese for two years" > 我两年没说中文了. But how would say "I haven't eaten since breakfast"? "我早饭没吃了“ sounds wrong (isn't that just "I haven't eaten breakfast"?).