What kinds of television do customers like?

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May 12, 2012 10:08
Flat television is low-priced product in these days.
I bought a 40inch flat television at $5,000 six years ago in Tokyo.
When I went to a volume seller the other day, a new 40inch flat television price is less than $500.
You know flat television price significantly decrease from year to year.

Does flat television become not value-added products nowadays?
What is value of television? Is it picture quality? Sounds? smart-TV? cosmetic design?
Most of consumers are not interested in function. I think that their priority is quality first, price is second. It may depends on situations.

At other point of view, we are difficult to find the difference among flat televisions.

However, consumers like i-Pod, i-phone more than television.

Many television makers struggle to survive.