XXI century of average people

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May 11, 2012 05:54 strenghts weaknesses
Today’s society is programmed for being average. From early years in kindergarten, our counselors and teachers have focused on things we can’t do. If you met your parents after parent-teacher meeting, probably first thing you discussed were subjects in which you have to get better. If you had vary good results from Math for instance, but not so good from Biology, fist recommendation from your parents was probablyyou need to focus on Biology”. You sacrifice your time for learning about tissues, blood vessels, human organs and results of such action is you are still very good from Math and good from Biology, yeah…congratulations!? Now you have similar results as few other in your classroom, as quite many students in your school and the same as really quite much number at your town. You are closer to being average than outstanding. You have missed opportunity to be poor from Biology, but amazing from Math as only few other people.

I believe the same thing happen during recruiting to many organizations, projects, companies. For many recruiters, team leaders better if you are quite good from everything (of course best if you could be a robot, doing outstanding job no matter what are you doing - Leonardo da Vinci of XXI century). Problem starts when you have strong weaknesses, but on the other hand also strong strengths. In such situation many of decision makers will put you on side track in order to hire quite good in every field. In such way are creating average teams, average divisions, average organizations and companies. Fortunately not everyone are scared to focus on strengths on people, for example Lincoln knew that weaknesses are often irrelevant. One of his generals Ulisses Grant were known from drinking too much, but has very good results as commander and when some of his opponents proposed to fire him, Lincoln said: "If it [drink] makes fighting men like Grant, then find out what he drinks, and send my other commanders a case!"

If you agree for change yourself, starting by fighting with your weaknesses, you decide for being average. Look for yourself as different, unique person. Cultivate your uniqueness and make it even more noticeable.