[Do you feel yourselves in the maddest fantasies of your own?]

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May 4, 2012 21:32
I hope one day people will create a great machine that will be able to read one's mind. My head is full of picturesque, exiting, amazing scenes, views and places. I am really upset because of the fact that I am awful artist. If I were more skilled and talented!.. This reality, OUR reality is too dead, too boring, too ugly, too, too, too... And others "too"'es. And i don't see any way to change my feeling: even if every single place on the Earth will look like my "place-from-a-dream" it won't be my "place-from-a-dream". I won't feel the same. Something different, but not true.
Everything I have to help me to stay in my dreams longer are handwritten phrases, words and associations about my dreams. All of my dreams.
[Avis613 aka Aven Rah]