Feel Relieved...

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Jun 8, 2012 12:06
Two or three days ago, I was walking down the hallway in my high school after school. Then, I happened to meet a student and she talked to me.

She said to me,"Hello, teacher. What are you doing?"

Truly, she often says something negative for someone, so I've been little scared her.

"I am just going back to the teachers room. Are you on your club now?", I said.

"Yeah. Teacher! I want to see the spirit photographs in your mobile phone! Please see me!"

I have some spirit pictures given from the graduates, so I showed them to her. While seeing them, she yelled "So scared!!! Why do you have such pictures!?"

After that, we chatted for a while in the hallway, and I noticed I felt relieved while talking with her. However, I don't know why. It was wonderful time for me anyway.

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