short story 1

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Mar 8, 2017 01:38
She couldn't understand why she had to accept all this tragedy.
After she woke up, she did what she should do. That's all.
Was there probably problem while taking a shower?-she changed her bodywasher- or it could be a breakfast because she ate it today. Usually, she skips her meals in the morning.
Eyes were opened and closed again. But nothing changed. Her room still looked like the Hell which she never could imagine. Lights blinked with a white Color to a black one and than to a red one again. Sounds those came from outside and inside from her were worst. Sometimes was someone shouting or screaming with fear and madness. Otherwise, was the others whispering in unrecognizable Language.

I wrote a short story cause it ist boring to write a diary. If i have so many mistakes, could you just let me know?